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Ready for something new?Luna when she was moored in St. Augustine, Florida

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The Colonial
Seaport Foundation


Since 2007, the Colonial Seaport Foundation has been established as a maritime educational organization. The purpose of the CSF is to preserve facets of America’s colonial (17th-18th Century) maritime heritage by providing historically accurate information and education to the public.

Join us to ensure that the history of our maritime hertiage is preserved for the future.

The Colonial Maritime Festival was a huge success!

From living history workshops to small boat races right through a BBQ dinner while listening to the York River Symphony as the sun set,
visitors and mariners alike had a grand time.

See the event in pictures

Loaded To The Gunwales - the new CD to benefit the CSF is released!

Click here to see the star studded line-up and get your copy

After more than 200 years, Hampton again has a Customs House

See the story here


Check out the latest on the LUNA PROJECT!

View the photos of our progress on the LUNA!

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