The Colonial Seaport Foundation

Luna at moor

John Collamore, IV, President

A founding member of the Foundation in 2007, John- also known as "Dutch"-joined the Board Of Directors in August 2009. Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay and coming from generations of New England mariners and shipwrights, his formative years were spent sailing and racing any sailboat he could get himself on board. Summer vacations and several years found him working in his fathers boatshop building fiberglass deadrise workboats. John began reenacting in 2007 as a member of "Blackbeard's Crew" based out of Hampton, Virginia.

Involved in emergency medicine since 1992, John is a paramedic who continues to volunteer for his home town rescue squad. He was a career medic between 1996 and 2002 in Richmond, where he served as an operations supervisor and training officer. John is now a police officer where, among his regularly assigned duties, he can be found as a field training officer and academy instructor.

Luna at moor

Pernell Taylor, Vice President

Pernell Taylor is the current Vice President of the Colonial Seaport Foundation and the Past President and current VP of Blackbeard's Crew Inc. Pernell has 29 years of experience in Information technology. Since 2002, he has been active in the living history community by developing presentations on 18th Century Seamanship and Navigation. His current responsibilities in the CSF include the rigging plans and development of the rigging for the "Luna" project. He has always been passionate about maritime heritage, and has crewed on the Schooner Shanty for five years in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race. In 2009 Pernell was instrumental in getting the Schooner "Bonnie Rover" crewed by members of Blackbeard's Crew and the CSF to race down the bay for the first time in over a decade. Part of the 2009 event was helping to refurbish the rigging on the "Bonnie Rover" in preparation for the trip.

He has been managing events for Blackbeard's Crew and the Colonial Seaport Foundation for a number of years, Pernell holds the position of the Events Master, leading the crew in living history performances in locations such as Oxford Maryland, Beaufort, NC, Charlestowne, SC, Norfolk Harborfest, Deltaville Maritime Museum, Hampton Blackbeard Festival, Hampton Bay Days, Baltimore, Maryland, the Museum of the Albemarle, and Ocracoke, NC. He has been on the Hampton Blackbeard Festival planning committee since 2007.

Pernell has been the owner and operator of the Sailing Vessel “Freedom Row” since 1998. Pernell's passion for the history of Hampton Roads has enabled him to share that history with passengers of the "Freedom Row" and the customers of Pernell Taylor Consulting since 2003. He has been responsible for the financial management of the boats operation. He has been educating the public since 1979 as a Boy Scouts of America Camp Counselor in Reptile study, survival, rifle range and canoeing, and was a counselor for two years and the Nature Area Director at Camp Jambo and Euchee in Northern Florida.

Pernell was trained as a professional presenter in 1992, as an information Technology instructor he has taught classes to hundreds of students on security, network management, operating systems, he has developed curriculum for large corporation help desks. One of his most notable professional accomplishments was designing and deploying the Disaster Recovery plan for the Library of Congress. In 2003, he founded Pernell Taylor Consulting to provide technology services to local and national accounts. He has been successful in managing over 25 customer accounts.

Pernell is the past President and founder of the Information Technology Professional Association of Hampton Roads, an organization founded to provide the ability for professionals to share information relating to technology issues in Hampton Roads.

Luna at moor

John "Chip" Collamore, III, Shipwright

“My earliest recollection of childhood is wading through a mud puddle pushing a stick”, recalls John Collamore, III.

Sailing and boat building have been a primary and integral part of his life ever since. While the other boys were out playing ball or chasing skirts Chip was racing and building boats at Wheeler Yachts in Rehobeth, Mass. After high school, he shipped to the Caribbean from Maine on a 43-foot schooner. Later he raced from Newport to Bermuda and, in 1964,earned a membership in the prestigious Ocean Cruising Club following a transatlantic passage from Newport, Rhode Island to Ireland.

As a early employee of Bristol Yachts he immediately recognized the future of fiberglass in boat building and patented a building process in conjunction with renowned boat builder Allan Vaitses of Mattapoisett, Mass.

At age 26, Chip moved his family to Deltaville, Virginia and founded Hulls Unlimited Inc. with his father John H. Collamore, Jr. With the help of many dedicated employees, they built over 100 fiberglass commercial work boats ranging in size from 26 to 65 feet. Also included was a successful line of aquaculture products.

Since selling the business in 1998 a long list of freelance maritime projects has presented itself, including fiberglass covering the 105 foot Feadship, SUMMER LOVE, as detailed in Professional Boatbuilder Magazine. Chip has long been an advisor for fiberglass technical training with the US Coast Guard Training Center in Yorktown, VA.

As a founding member of CSF Chip has developed the lines of LUNA to recreate an 18th century Bermuda sloop around the original Rosborough hull and is currently leading the reconstruction effort as our CSF Shipwright. "Preserving 17th and 18th century maritime history and tradition is important to pass along to future generations", he noted.

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